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CACES - Centro de Atividades Culturais, Econômicas e Sociais (Center for Cultural, Economic and Social Activities), is a non-governmental organization founded in 1987. Its mission is to combat inequalities and promote gender, racial and ethnic equality. Our projects are aim specifically at women and African-descendents and attempt to contribute towards a citizenship-oriented participation of these groups in society, stimulating their transformation into agents for social change.

Our action is done by organizing events, exhibitions, courses, seminars, by giving expert assistance, by carrying out research, by publications and by interacting with Brazilian and international networks in the areas of education, culture, human rights and the environment.

Main projects:

ECHOS FROM DURBAN FOR QUILOMBOLA COMMUNITIES*, seminars with representatives from Quilombola Communities held in the municipalities of Valença, Paraty, Cabo Frio and Nova Friburgo, with the aim of debating the follow up actions after the III World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance - 2002. *Communities made up of the descendants of escapee slaves.

MEDIA AND RACISM, seminar held in partnership with Universidade Cândido Mendes, CESEC - Centro de Estudos de Segurança e Cidadania, Cabinet of the Deputy-Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, CRIOLA, IBASE, Geledés - Instituto da Mulher Negra and Comunidade Baháí - 2001.

WOMEN FROM THAT TIME... THUS BEGAN THE 21ST CENTURY, traveling exhibition of photographs by Claudia Ferreira and texts by Claudia Bonan about women's movements in Latin America in the 90s.

WOMEN OF THE SOUTH IN DEBATE, traveling exhibition of photographs about the women of Guinea-Bissau, together with debates about racial issues - 1997.

NITERÓI YEAR 2000. DEMOCRATIZING INFORMATION, video, photography and text editing courses for students and teachers of the Niterói state-school system - 1996.

WOMEN, SMALL PRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT, meetings held with women who are small producers and who run micro-companies in the State of Rio de Janeiro - 1994/1995.

INCOME GENERATION USING NON-POLLUTING TECHNOLOGY, a project carried out with small rural producers in the Macaé de Cima (Rio de Janeiro State) Environmentally Protected area - 1992/1996.

BANDA RENASCER, creation and maintenance of this children's and adolescents' samba-reggae band at Morro do Chapéu Mangueira, Rio de Janeiro - 1989/1999.


MULHERES E MOVIMENTOS, by Claudia Ferreira and Claudia Bonan. Book of photos and texts about Feminist Movements in Latin America in the 90s. CACES/Aeroplano Editora - 2005.

ECHOS FROM DURBAN FOR QUILOMBOLA COMMUNITIES - Document summarizing the seminars held with representatives of the remaining Quilombos (escaped slave encampments) in the State of Rio de Janeiro to discuss follow up actions after the III World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. CACES / Fundação Cultural Palmares - 2002.

CITIZENSHIP, ETHINICITY/RACE, a publication to support state-school system teachers in proposals for non-discriminatory education. CACES/REDEH - 1998.

WOMEN, SMALL PRODUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT, a survey of production projects, associations and micro-companies run and organized by women in 81 Municipalities of the State of Rio de Janeiro. CACES/SERE - 1997.

Day Books:

  • The school we want, the school we make - 2001
  • Under Age - 95
  • Women - 90
  • Black Women - 89
Participation in social movements:

CACES takes part in the following networks and movements:
  • Brazilian Association of Non-governmental Organizations - ABONG
  • National Organization of Brazilian Women - AMB
  • Association of Brazilian Black Women Organizations - AMNB
  • National Feminist Network of Health, Sexual and Reproductive Rights
  • Popular Education Network among Women of Latin America and the Caribbean - REPEM
  • Women's Environment & Development Organization - WEDO

Along its existence, CACES has worked in partnership with and had the support of the organizations below to develop its projects:
  • UNIFEM - United Nations Fund for Women
  • Special Department for Policies for Women
  • Palmares Cultural Foundation
  • Ministry of Culture
  • Ford Foundation
  • CCFD - Comité Catholique Contre la Faim et pour le Développement - France
  • Friedrich Ebert Foundation - Germany
  • CIDAC - Amílcar Cabral Information and Documentation Center - Lisbon
  • World Council of Churches
  • Action for Development - Guinea-Bissau
  • Rio de Janeiro State Department of Education
  • CEDIM/RJ - State Council for the Rights of Women
  • FME - Niterói City Public Foundation for Education
CACES - Centro de Atividades Culturais, Econômicas e Sociais

Av. General Justo, 275 sala 510
20021-130 Rio de Janeiro RJ
Tel/fax: 55 21 2247-1969 / 2532-5543

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