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User's Rights
Contract - Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. The images on this site are available for consultation, editorial and institutional use in any media. The use of any of its images for advertising and publicity is entirely forbidden. Permission has not been obtained for the use of any of the images for commercial or publicity purposes.

  2. Image Rights for identifiable persons in the photos belong to those persons and are inviolable. Any unauthorized use of these images is the sole responsibility of the person who purchased the license to use them, whether an individual or company, the purchaser being thereby subject to the legal and penal sanctions ensuing from this act. CACES has authorization for the editorial use of some images, but it has not been possible to locate and contact every individual identifiable in the photographs. At any time, any person who may feel injured in his Image Right may request that his or her image be removed from the site.

  3. Licensed images cannot be used for any purpose that may damage the honor or dignity of the persons depicted in the photographs. The holder of the license for use, whether an individual or company, will be fully responsible for the illegal use of the images and will meet all expenses and costs resulting from any action for the illegal, defamatory, slanderous, or libelous use of any image.

  4. The entire content of this site is the sole property of CACES - Centro de Atividades Culturais, Econômicas e Sociais, and is protected by the laws of patrimonial rights. No photograph may be copied or transmitted by any means without previous authorization. The reproduction of passages from the book is authorized providing the source is given.

  5. The copyrights of all the photographs belong to the photographer, Claudia Ferreira, and are protected by Law 9,610 of December 19, 1998 (Law of Copyright). The name of the author should appear in a legible way, identifying authorship of every published photograph, and cutting or altering the photographs in any way is forbidden unless by previous consent. Any unauthorized use of these images will be considered a violation of the Law of Copyright and will be subjected to the penalties determined by law.

  6. Cession of copyright over the images is made for each specific use and the price will be calculated according to each use. The user agrees to destroy the originals after use. Cession of copyright does not give the user the right of property over the purchased images. In order to re-use the image the user must renegotiate cession of rights. The user, whether an individual or company, may not, under any circumstances, cede the licensed image to a third party.

  7. These terms and conditions of use constitute a legal agreement between CACES and the user. In order to use the images in this site, the user must state his or her agreement with such terms and conditions. It is hereby agreed that the courts of the City of Rio de Janeiro will have jurisdiction to over any action arising out of this contract.

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