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International Meetings of the Um System and Related Preparatory Events

1975 I World Conference on Women - Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
1979 UN General Assembly approves Convention for the Elimination of All Forms Discrimination against Women CEDAW)
1980 II World Conference on Women - Copenhagen, Denmark
1985 III World Conference on Women - Nairobi, Kenya
1991 Women's International Conference for a Healthy Planet - Miami, USA
1992 The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development/ECO92 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1993 Brazilian Women Seminar for the II World Conference on Human Rights/Vienna 93 - Brasília, Brazil
1993 II World Conference on Human Rights - Vienna, Austria
1993 National Meeting on Women and Population: Our Rights for Cairo/94 - Brasília, Brazil
1994 International Women's Health Conference for Cairo 94: Reproductive Health and Justice - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1994 IV International Conference on Population and Development - Cairo, Egypt
1994 Regional Conference about the Integration of Latin America and Caribbean Women in Economic and Social Development - Mar del Plata, Argentina
1994 OAS General Assembly approves the Interamerican Convention to prevent, Punish and Eradicate Violence against Women, "Belém do Pará Convention" - Belém do Pará, Brazil
1995 National Conference of Brazilian Women on the Way to Beijing - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1995 IV World Conference on Women - Beijing, China
2001 National Conference against Racism and Intolerance - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2001 III World Conference against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance - Durban, South Africa

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