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Brazilian And Latin American Women Movements Networks

1981 Popular Education Network among Women in Latin America and the Caribbean
1984 Women's Health Network in Latin America and the Caribbean
1986 CUT's National Committee on Women Workers
1988 Brazilian Women's Union
1990 Latin American and Caribbean Feminist Network against Domestic and Sexual Violence
1991 National Feminist Network for Health, Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights
1991 REDOR - North and Northeast Feminist Network of Studies and Research about Women and Gender Relations
1992 Network of Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean Women
1994 Brazilian Women Coalition
1994 Brazilian Network of Feminist Studies and Research
1995 Women in Radio Network
1995 National Coalition of Female Rural Workers 1995
1996 National Network of Traditional Midwives
1996 Latin American and Caribbean Network of Female Rural Workers
1997 Latin American Network of Women Changing the Economy
1998 Coalition of Amazonian Women
1999 International Gender and Trade Network - Latin American Chapter
2000 Marcosur Feminist Coalition
2000 National Coalition of Brazilian Black Women NGOs
2001 National Black Women Forum

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