Mulheres e Movimentos 
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The Project
Women and Movements

Women and Movements is an Image Bank made up of the photographs contained in the book Mulheres e Movimentos by Claudia Ferreira and Claudia Bonan.

It is a CACES - Center for Cultural, Economic and Social Activities - project, funded by UNIFEM - the United Nations Fund for Women. The project has been conducted in partnership with LABHOI - Oral History and Image Laboratory - of the History Department of UFF - the Fluminense Federal University. Its goal is to make the book's images available for consultation and purchase.

This site is a pilot for a future project called Women and Social Movements, whose mission is to create an electronic image bank, available via the Internet, with the aim of functioning as a documental compilation and photographic memory of women's movements within the context of social and cultural movements in Brazil and Latin America.

The Women and Social Movements image bank will be sponsored by the Special Department of Policies for Women, and will be carried out in partnership with LABHOI - Oral History and Image Laboratory - and with PACC the Advanced Program in Contemporary Culture of UFRJ - the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Its main goal is to preserve and divulge the iconographic memory of social movements in Brazil, emphasizing the participation of women in the construction of our history.

Initially, the collection will consist of photographs by Claudia Ferreira, selected from a file containing approximately 5,000 negatives. These register cultural and social aspects of the 80s, 90s and 2000s, such as the mobilization of women, blacks, indigenous peoples, rural workers and homosexuals. It also shows the participation of these groups in national and global processes such as the United Nations Conferences, World Social Forums, political campaigns and cultural manifestations. In the future, this will be a space for other photographers whose work is devoted to memory and ethnography to show their work. These photographs, historically contextualized by their informative captions, will be available for research, free cession or purchase with differentiated prices for students, researchers, study centers, publications and press organizations.

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